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Welcome to the character purchase system, here you can buy the character you want using your tibia coins or your balance as payment method.

Below is the list of characters available for sale on the server, click Buy Character.

Characters for Sale
* Character Buy Value
Não encontramos nenhum player à venda.

To put a character of yours on sale just access the menu next to the tab on the option Sell Characters, remembering that you need to be logged in to your account for this option to appear.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal

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Top 5 Experience

1 - Muuleek
   Level: (1)
   Master Sorcerer
2 - Olá Meu Querido
   Level: (1)
   Elite Knight
3 - Fjopurse
   Level: (1)
   Royal Paladin
4 - Perron
   Level: (1)
   Elder Druid
5 - Aease
   Level: (1)
   Master Sorcerer